Black Jack® Ready Road Repair

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Permanent Pothole Patch

Black Jack® Ready Road Repair is a high quality, pre-mixed, asphalt "cold patch" compound. Combining carefully selected aggregate with a modified bitumen formula, Ready Road Repair Pothole Patch is the best choice for all types of pavement repairs. It restores dangerous potholes and wide cracks within minutes, regardless of the weather. Suitable for use on both concrete and asphalt pavement, Ready Road Repair is highly recommended for spot repairs to driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, roads, loading ramps etc. Ready Road Repair can be applied year round to either wet or dry pavement. The most important benefit to remember is the fact that Ready Road Repair is the "PERMANENT PATCH" and remains in the repaired area indefinitely. Ready Road Repair is easy to apply with most repairs taking only a few minutes to complete.

    Product Code Unit Size
    6430-9-50 50 lbs 50 lbs 1 ea
    6430-9-83 22 lbs 22 lbs 1 ea

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